What To Look For In Your Final PreClosing Walk Through

Dated: 02/09/2019

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What to Look for in Your Final Pre-Closing Walk-Through

The final home walk-through before closing is an important time for homebuyers and sellers. To make the most of it, it’s helpful for both parties to know what they should look for ahead of time. 

A walk-through before closing can help homebuyers avoid getting burned if sellers leave the home in worse condition than it was when they signed the offer.  A careful walk-through is also a good idea for sellers.  While the homebuyers are checking that everything is how it’s supposed to be, the sellers can make sure they didn’t leave anything important behind.

If possible, homebuyers should try to walk-through a home after the sellers have moved out and right before closing. The point is for homebuyers to make sure the condition of the home hasn’t changed since  they signed the contract. 

A lot can change in 60-90 days, especially when sellers are moving large furniture that could scratch hardwood floors or stain the carpeting  Homebuyers could get stuck with serious problems or damage, so it’s worth the time to look through every room and crawlspace in the house and check all the appliances one last time.

Homebuyers should also check that everything the sellers agreed to leave is still there. If certain furnishings were part of the original deal, the sellers should not have packed or sold them on their way out the door. Significant changes to the home could prompt homebuyers to renegotiate the sales price before finalizing the deal.

Sellers should also prepare for the pre-closing home walk-through by checking all of their storage areas, including attics, basements and sheds. Remember, once the sellers hand the keys over at closing, the homebuyers have full possession of  the home and they don’t have to let the sellers back in again.

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